Visit the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems


To engage the people of Michigan, the United States and the world in applied research, education and outreach to develop regionally integrated, sustainable food systems.


A thriving economy, equity and sustainability for Michigan, the country and the planet through food systems rooted in local regions and centered on food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.


  1. Partner across Michigan to advance the goals of the Michigan Good Food Charter.
  2. Educate new generations to lead regional food systems research and practice.
  3. Cultivate and support communities of practice around emerging regional food systems issues and opportunities.
  4. Increase the visibility of and access to MSU resources that support regional good food systems.
  5. Expand the resource base for regional food systems applied research, education and outreach.
  6. Develop farmers and farms for regional food systems
  7. Expand and coordinate engagement of MSU faculty and staff in interdisciplinary regional food systems applied research, education, and outreach.

Advisory Board

The CRFS Advisory Board assists in guiding the work of the Center.  Its founding members include CRFS affiliates and stakeholders from other parts of Michigan.  The board will grow as the organization matures, and will include experts from MSU, Michigan, and across the country.